Vasectomy is an excellent form of birth control. Dr.Jonathan Follows MD is a physician in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He has done over 5000 No-Scalpel Vasectomies since 1991

Dr. Jonathan Follows

has the experience you can
trust for your successful
No-Scalpel No-Needle Vasectomy.

Hi, I'm Dr. Follows.

Looking for a vasectomy?
I’d say you’ve come to the right place, but best you decide for yourself....

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Dr. Barry Rich in now retired, Dr. Jonathan Follows is happy to continue seeing all patients at the clinic. He has twenty three years of experience as a General Practitioner and is an excellent vasectomist, performing over 6,000 vasectomies since 1991


The New Time Saver Package is now available if you’d like to reduce your complete procedure visits to our clinic down to one single visit instead of four. Call for more information.

New Clinic in Victoria

We now have a No-Scalpel/No-Needle Vasectomy clinic in Victoria open Saturdays.
Call 250.658.9212 for more information.

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Quick Access

Office Hours:

Vasectomy Clinic:
Langley: Thursday/Friday
Victoria: Saturday

Contact Info :

WillowBrook Professional Centre
301B - 6351 197 St.
Langley, B.C.
(next to the Bingo Palace)

Tel: 604.539.1915

Please call 250.658.9212 for information regarding Victoria office appointments

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Register Online -
By registering online you can have your consultation and procedure all done in one single visit.

NSV Video

Curious about the NSV procedure? Watch the online video of Dr. Follows performing the No-Scalpel / No-Needle Vasectomy technique.

It is available in youtube format.

NSV Book

Behold the NSV Book. This is more specific information about exactly how I do things and why, and exactly what we expect from you, if you come here for your procedure.

It is available to read in an online version or download and print the PDF version

NSV Register Online

Register Online

Our online registration system is available if you’d like to have your consultation and vasectomy in a single visit, but please read the NSV Book first.