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Vasectomy Reversal

Approximately 5% of men who get a vasectomy later go on to get a vasectomy reversal. This figure is higher for men under 30, and for those not in a stable relationship at the time of their vasectomy.

Vasectomy reversal is not covered under MSP (Medical Services Plan), and currently costs five thousand to seven […]

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Vasectomy will make me less manly. True or false?

Happily this is false.

Vasectomy was invented in the 1920s, and over a hundred million men have had the ‘Big V’ since. Doctors have researched the side effects of vasectomy in tons of big long term studies, and they all agree that having a vasectomy has no effect on your libido or desire, or performance. […]

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Time off work

Do I have to take time off work after my vasectomy?
Be nice to your poor scrotum in its hour of need. You need to walk as little as possible for the whole week after your vasectomy.

Moving your legs moves your scrotum, and as you know, it is fragile tissue. Too much walking can make […]

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