Go straight home and do as little as possible for the rest of the day, and the next. Do as little walking as possible for a whole week. No sports! No yardwork! No horsing around with the kids! Nothing! I mean it. Yes you can go to the bathroom but only if you absolutely have to (joke). Lift nothing over 15lbs for the first two days, and nothing over 50lbs for the first week. If in doubt, don’t do it! You can increase your activity gradually day by day, but remember to always err on the side of caution.


Apply an ice pack over the gauze and supportive underwear as soon as you get home, and ice as much as possible over the next few days. A dozen ice cubes with a little water in a freezer bag is undoubtedly the cheapest and probably the best. It will take a while for the cold to penetrate the gauze and underwear, but you’ve got lots of time.

Wound care:

There may be a drop or two of blood on the gauze in the first two days, but no continued bleeding or seepage after that. Have a peek every once in a while to make sure all is well.  You only need the gauze against the skin for the first two days.  The supportive underwear you choose should cradle things nicely up and out of the way. We don’t want your testicles hanging down and banging around!


No drinking for at least the first 48 hours post-op. Alcohol can thin the blood and/or cloud the judgment.  Don’t risk it.  It’s not a good idea to drink with NSAIDS in your system anyways.  Not only should you not drink, you should also stay away from drunks.

Pain and Its Management:

You can use acetaminophen (Tylenol), as well as ibuprofen 800mg three times a day for as long as you have discomfort. The ibuprofen is not just for pain. It also reduces inflammation, which often peaks around day three or four after vasectomy. People who get stomach upset from ibuprofen can substitute another anti-inflammatory like Celebrex. Those allergic to ibuprofen can substitute acetaminophen.

Sexual activity:

No ejaculation for a week. If you don’t follow this one you void the warranty. (Just kidding, there is no warranty.) After 7 days you get to resume sex, but still use birth control precautions until the sperm counts show you are clear.

Fever, Severe Pain or Swelling Over Grape Sized?

These are not usual. Call me if this happens. (You will get my cell phone number at surgery.) Bruising under the skin is no great concern unless it is swollen or painful. Blood in the semen can occur in the first few ejaculations and is of no concern.