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Register for Victoria or Vancouver Vasectomy

Dr. Follows now offers vasectomy at his Victoria clinic only. Please use the Registration Form below for the Victoria clinic.

Vancouver patients are requested to register directly with Pollock Clinics.

You may also use the Appointment Request form if you would prefer to have us contact you to arrange for an appointment.


Procedure – for Dr. Follow’s Victoria Clinic Only


Online Vasectomy Registration

Submit this registration ONLY if you have obtained a referral from your doctor and you do not wish to have an initial consultation prior to vasectomy. For a consultation please phone: 250.658.9212 Before you register online, you must:

  • Have a recent referral from your doctor.
  • Read the patient information section found on this web site and ensure all your questions have been answered.
  • Be sure that you do not want to bank sperm prior to vasectomy.

If you are not sure, phone us for a consultation. Once you submit this registration:

  • Our office will phone you to book your vasectomy, or to discuss the need for an office consultation.


Dr. Follows reserves the right to postpone or cancel your vasectomy for any of the following reasons:

  • Aspirin (ASA). None is allowed for at least 7 days pre-op.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs. None for at least 2 days pre-op.
  • Alcohol. None for 48 hours pre-op.
  • Technical issues. The rare patient will have scarring or some other condition at or near the vas, e.g. hernia repair. (Under these circumstances we require a pre-op consultation/examination.)

If you have any questions phone 250-658-9212. If you would like to proceed with registration, please fill out this form completely and submit. We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

Registration Form

  • Personal Information

  • Contact Information

  • Occupation

  • Referring Physician (DOCTOR'S REFERRAL IS MANDATORY)

  • If Different from Referring Physician

  • Family Information

  • How many years?
  • Vasectomy Preparedness

  • Medical History

  • Ft, In
  • lbs.