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When I have an orgasm, will I still ejaculate?

Only 5% of what you ejaculate comes from the testicles. The rest is from the prostate and associated glands. So, yes you will still produce essentially the same volume and appearance of fluid as before, but without any sperm.

Does Vasectomy cause impotence?

No. There is no change in sexual function due to a vasectomy. No better, no worse.

Will the procedure hurt?

Most men report minimal discomfort to no pain whatsoever. The freezing spray works extremely well, and I always check to make sure you are well frozen before starting. The whole procedure usually takes less than 10 minutes, and the freezing lasts for several hours afterward.

Can I have a beer afterward?

Alcohol can increase the likelihood of complications, and is best avoided for 48 hours before and after vasectomy.

Can I pick up the kids after my vasectomy?

Lift only 15 pounds or less for the first 48 hours, and less than 50 pounds for the first week. If in doubt, don’t do it!

Do I really have to put ice on my scrotum afterward?

Ice and rest both decrease complications, and make men more comfortable. Follow the instructions and all will go well. Jump in the hot tub, or overdo your activity, and you are more likely to get bruising or swelling or pain.

When can I ride a bicycle afterward?

Two weeks off a bicycle is advisable, and seven days for most other sports. If you are not sure, ask me at the time of your procedure. Start slow and wear the jock strap to minimize bouncing of your testicles when you resume activity.

Why do I have to wait 12 weeks for the semen test if I have had lots of ejaculations earlier than that?

This subject has been extensively studied by Doctors, and the answer remains that 12 weeks is the earliest recommended time to give a man clearance. Earlier tests are not considered sufficiently reliable, and you do want to be quite sure, don’t you?

When can I have sex afterward?

No ejaculation for seven days is recommended, so as to avoid pain or complications. After that you still need to use effective birth control for intercourse until you get a favorable result from your lab test at twelve weeks.

If you cut the vas, what holds the testicles in place afterward?

There are numerous things supporting the testicles and holding them in place, particularly layers of muscle and connective tissue. Cutting the vas has no effect on the position or stability of the testicles within the scrotum.

How common is post vasectomy pain syndrome?

Rare. In my practice I have found only about a dozen patients in 13,000 cases to have intermittent pain lasting over a year following vasectomy. Almost always time heals any unusual amounts of discomfort, and modern medicines take care of the rest. By far the great majority of patients are quite comfortable after their vasectomy procedure.

Do I need a ride home after my vasectomy?

Definitely if you have ever fainted, or felt really light-headed with medical procedures such as taking blood. If not you can choose to drive yourself, or get a ride prearranged as you prefer. If you are going to drive yourself home, we ask that you wait in the clinic for 15 minutes after the procedure, just to be safe.