In the week before your vasectomy

No aspirin or ASA products for 7 days pre-op. If you are taking them on doctor’s advice discuss it with our office before surgery. No alcohol for at least 48 hours pre-op and don’t plan for any for 48 hours post-op either.

Call one day before surgery to confirm your appointment time and report any new medical conditions, genital conditions, surgeries, bleeding problems, medications or allergies (or additional children) since the time of your online registration.

Shaving of the genitals is not required. However, it has its advantages, and if you are a regular shaver, which I condone, then go right ahead.

Skin Preparation

You need to purchase either two ‘4% chlorhexidine sponges’ or equivalent liquid wash, or a bottle of ‘4% chlorhexidine skin cleanser’ from a pharmacy. Shower, then switch off the water and scrub down with one of the sponges (or skin cleanser on a clean washcloth) from neck to toes. Allow a 2 minute contact time for the solution, then rinse. Do this during two showers, one the day before and one the day of your procedure. This decreases your chance of an infection by 50%, which is a great deal for five bucks worth of sponges!

On the Day of Your Vasectomy

Eat a meal beforehand. Fasting is neither required nor recommended.

Wear supportive underwear (tighty whities or saxx) and loose pants or joggers.

Arrive 10 minutes early. If you’re overly late your appointment may be cancelled, and you may be charged a cancellation fee of $200.

After the vasectomy you may drive home unless you have ever fainted or nearly fainted, in which case you MUST bring someone to drive you home. It’s just a precaution in case you get faint.

You should go straight home after your vasectomy, put your feet up and ice your scrotum for at least 2 – 3 hours. Intermittent ice over the first two or three days is also very helpful.


Notes or forms for work are not covered by MSP and incur a small fee.

If you cancel your vasectomy appointment without 72 hours notice, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

We will require you to sign a consent form before surgery stating that you have been informed of the risks and that you understand all the implications.

If in doubt about anything, call and ask.